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About Capella

"We are proud and honored to be working in collaboration with Tian Dayton on the development of her new Relationship Trauma model. For Capella to be the first to integrate this model into an inpatient setting is very exciting. When I founded Safe Harbor I dreamed of a place that would offer the most loving, healing, and safest environment imaginable for women to heal. 17 years later for us to be able to add to our foundation with emotional trauma treatment and support for our women is a true blessing."
Velvet Mangan, Founder and CEO of Safe Harbor

"After working professionally with Velvet and training with Tian over the years I could not imagine a better team to collaborate with in creating this incredible program. These two women know as much about treating women with addiction and trauma as anyone. Match that with the passion and integrity they bring and I am honored to bring my experience, strength, and hope to the team to provide this quality, affordable service to those in need of emotional trauma recovery."
Miles Adcox, CEO of Onsite Workshops, Co-founder and Partner in Safe Harbor's Capella

Clinical Consultant: Dr Tian Dayton
Living with addiction can be a confusing, disequalibrating and even a traumatizing experience. When we become dependent upon a substance to regulate and calm our inner emotional, psychological and physiological chaos, we do not learn to do that for ourselves.

Experiences that are too much to manage, that we experience as traumatic can leave us feeling shattered inside. Addiction is such an experience, whether we are ourselves an addict or have grown up with addiction, or both, we can be left alternating between states of numbness and quite desperation. Often what people are attempting to "manage" with drugs and alcohol is pain that feels unmanageable and overwhelming. They are trying to gather together fragments of inner experience to make a coherent whole, using drugs and alcohol as the glue. In sobriety, we remove the substance, the "glue" but the chaos remains, that is, the pain and confusion that we were numbing is still there and we're left to manage it on our own. This is what recovery is all about, learning to embrace, hold and guide ourselves in healthy, life enhancing ways. The resolution of the emotional and psychological trauma that we have been self medicating is core to treatment of addiction and relapse and part of what allows us to restore a full and functioning sense of self.

The thinking mind shuts down when we're in a fear driven fight/flight state. The limbic mind however goes on high alert. This is why, when we've been overwhelmed with more feeling than we can manage, when we've felt traumatized by the chaos around us, we remember only fragments of that experience. At Capella we will use forms of role play and experiential work to allow the body as well as the mind to wake up and tell its story. We need a safe enough environment so that the self that went into hiding, the self we were medicating, can reemerge and come back to life. A community of healing that allows us to make sense of who we are on the inside. This is what recovery and relapse prevention are all about.

About Tian Dayton
TIAN DAYTON, MA, PH.D.,T.E.P. has a masters in educational psychology and a PhD in clinical psychology and is a board certified trainer in psychodrama. She is the director of The New York Psychodrama Training Institute where she runs training groups in psychodrama, sociometry and experiential group therapy (see psychodrama/training groups). Dr. Dayton is a fellow and scholor's award winner of ASGPP. She was faculty at New York University for eight years teaching psychodrama. Dr. Dayton has been a guest expert on NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Montel, Rikki Lake, John Walsh, Geraldo (Longer version) Dr. Tian Dayton, has a doctorate in clinical psychology, an M.A. in educational psychology and is a fellow and "Scholar's Award" recipient from the American Society of Psychodrama, Sociometery and Group Psychotherapy and the Mona Mansell award for contributions to the field of addictions. Tian is an executive editor for the Psychodrama Journal and sits on the ethics committee. She has presented psychodrama to wide audiences across the U.S. for nearly two decades, integrating action methods into the fields of mental health and addiction. Tian is a licensed Mental Health Therapist and a licensed Creative Arts Therapist and a certified trainer in Psychodrama.

Dr. Dayton taught psychodrama, sociometery and group psychotherapy in the Drama Therapy Department at New York University for eight years. A regular guest on radio and television, Dr. Dayton has authored a number of books in her field, including "The Drama Within," "Drama Games: Techniques for Self-Development," "Forgiving and Moving On," "Trauma and Addiction," "Daily Affirmations for Parents," "Heartwounds," "Journey Through Womanhood," "The Magic of Forgiveness," "The Living Stage: A Step by Step Guide to Psychodrama, Sociometry and Experiential Group Therapy", Emotional Sobriety: From Relationship Trauma to Resilience and Balance" as well as numerous articles. Dr. Dayton lives in New York City where she has a private practice and runs training groups in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. She is a wife and mother of two wonderful young adults

About Sheila Diskin

Sheila Diskin is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been in practice since 1997.  Sheila has extensive training in working with trauma.  She is a Certified  Somatic Experience Practitioner and has trained for four years in Bioenergetic Analysis Therapy.   She works with adults that have been traumatized as children.  Trauma is identified as anything from childhood losses, auto accidents, falls, medical procedures to emotional/physical/sexual abuse. Her emphasis is working with the nervous system in our bodies to find where trauma/stress is being held to provide an environment for release and healing from the trauma.

Professional Personal Statement

I believe that the major focus of therapy is the creation of a healing environment in which the therapist and client can explore the nature of the clients emotional wounding and what is healing for them. This emphasizes the importance of relational patterns of connection, both past and present and the importance of the therapeutic relationship in the healing process. Relationship is the where the healing takes place.

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